Monday 2 April 2012

Fingal Film Festival

So after St. Patrick's Weekend and my lovely Bank Holiday I was straight back into work. The week ahead of my was a lot different and stressful than the ones I am used to. We were into the Fingal Film Festival.

We had worked from an idea to a full blown festival in little over 6 months and here it was. Setting up our office in The Crown Plaza in Blanchardstown we were all set to go. 3 days of independent movies, workshops and Q&A screenings. A lot of logistics needed sorting.

Luckily enough everything went swimmingly. We had Workshops with world renowned Directors, Actors, DOP's, Producers and Music Composers. Names like Martin McCain, Arthur Lapin, Joseph Conlon and Aisling Walsh to name a few. We opened our festival with the World Premier of Sean Penn's new movie "This Must Be The Place" and ended with our Awards Night in The Wright Venue.

After a hectic week it was time to let the hair down so to speak and I kicked back in the Wright Venues fantastic smoking area with a well deserved and thoroughly enjoyable Montecristo No 2. The Mrs let her hair down as well but less said about that the better. Needless to say there were sore heads the next morning.

No let up for me though, I was back to working on the door the next day. A very long shift ended with one or two delicious pints and I was set for my Sunday off.

A glorious day of sunshine eventually tempted my out of bed and off I went with the Mrs for a stroll up to St.Stephens Green to meet the Byrnes. Ice cream in hand and shades on we just kicked back and relaxed. It was needed. A lovely meal in the Mongolian BBQ later, we were rolling home. Relaxed and content and ready for the week ahead.

Monte No.2

Siglo 1 I neglected to mention

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