Monday 9 April 2012

Easter Pt2: Good Friday

I woke very tired after the excitement of the previous day, that along with very stubborn customers, meant I woke up less than enthused.

The Mrs and I went out and about for the day and another day of browsing in the shops was ahead of me. We stopped off in Pizza Hut for a spot of lunch. I was totally zoned out for the day and the Mrs was on babysitting duties to stop me walking into poles.

We went into Brown Thomas and I bought her a DKNY purse as part of her present. That along with a ticket for Snow Patrol and dinner on Sunday. She seemed happy enough. I still don't think it measures up to the present that she got for me.

Next step was shopping for the Easter Eggs. Its tradition on Good Friday to spend it with the Byrnes. The crazy alcohol fueled parties of previous years have slowly but surely morphed into a very relaxed and civilised evening. One thing that hasn't subsided is their love for chocolate.

Two days before Easter Sunday and not an Easter Egg to be found. We decided to go an alternative route and just make up a hamper full of various chocolate treats. So a basket full of chocolate later and a wicker basket haggled out of a shop front display and we we sorted.

I am not a huge fan of chocolate and rarely indulge but I knew Mr.B liked the occasional cigar and that was something we could share. So I perused my humidor for two cigars to fit the occasion. I opted for a P2 for myself (after Diamond Dave ruined his) and a Monte No.2 for Mr.B that I know he likes.

Once we hit the Byrnes, pleasantries and a lovely spread of finger food out of the way, the serious business began. A five hour game of Monopoly ensued with Mr.B emerging victorious. This had nothing to do with the fact that he was the banker or that any rules I previously remember from playing the game didn't seem to stand in the Byrnes. Anyway, it made him happy.

We left the ladies to natter among themselves as we moved to the kitchen to enjoy our fine Cubans. Mr.B enjoyed the Monte No.2 as expected and it is quickly turning into one of my own favorites but a special mention has to go to the P2.

 I was a bit wary of the Partagas after I didn't really enjoy the Presidente I had previously and with DD ruining his P2 I didn't know what to expect. A lot is said about cigar enjoyment. It depends where you are, what mood your in, what your eating or drinking. Maybe all those factors came into play that evening. Sitting with Mr.B, chatting about everything, after a lovely day/evening spent with great company, it was just over an hour of bliss sitting in that kitchen smoking my Partagas Series P No. 2

Monte No.2

Partagas Series P No. 2 (P2)

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