Monday 30 April 2012

A Wet Week

You think we would get used to rain in Ireland. Even in Dublin, which is apparently the driest place in Ireland, we are surprised when it rains and this week, boy did it rain.

The first half of the week was nondescript and boring, much like the Montecristo Open Regatta I had on Wednesday night. I have read good and bad reviews about Montecristo's "Open Series". Not one to judge I thought I would give them a try. I have developed a penchant for the "Torpedo" shape cigar so opted to try the Regatta.

Now I am not saying this was a bad cigar nor am I saying it was good. It was just Hmm!! I say it would be a great cigar for someone who has never tried a Cuban, or any other cigar, before but as far as inspiring even a enthusiast ( Do you like how I have upgraded myself from novice!!) like me, it doesn't stand up.

Thursday was a different story. The Mrs was off and we went out to Dundrum for a visit. A quick stop off in the Credit Union and we were on our way back into town towards Alfies for Lunch and Cuba Libras. They do an amazing €10 lunch meal that satisfies even my appetite. After eating we went outside and bared the elements as I smoked my first Vegas Robaina Unicos.

I loved this cigar. It started perfectly and even though I am not one for tasting notes it was almost sugary. This lasted well into the second third and was accompanied by a lot more flavours that my palette is too naive to describe. The overall feel was that it was truly a desert cigar. I will be picking up a few more.

Friday we paid off the balance towards Cuba. All we need now is spending money and a couple of years paying off our Credit Union loan!!

It was work then for the rest of the weekend ending on Sunday when I got thoroughly drenched. I couldn't feel my fingers or toes and was never happier to get home. After defrosting I felt I needed a long smoke. I went to the humidor and picked out a Trinidad Fundadores I had been looking at for a while.

Once again I was not disappointed. A long cigar but a not too large ring gauge. I lay on the sofa watching The Cube (What a show) puffing away and in total bliss. A medium cigar that changes flavour all throughout the hour or so of smoking, finishing almost full bodied but not too strong. Probably better when smoked in company but I didn't care.

So now its Monday. The biggest game of the season is on tonight and depending on the result it could be a great night of food, drink and cigars. Otherwise it could be a short lived night where there will be no talking to me. We will know which by 2130 tonight.

Monte Open Regata
Vegas Robaina Unicos

Trinidad Fundadore

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