Monday 9 April 2012

Dublin Pub Box

So the week that passed was pretty uneventful until the Thursday evening. It was time for the first annual Dublin Pub Box. Bar staff, DJ's, Managers and promoters were pitting themselves against each other in the art of pugilism. If nothing else it was going to be a good laugh.

Off we went to the Wright Venue for the second week in a row. Luckily for me, this time I had no organising to do, I could kick back and relax and I had every intention of doing so.

Earlier that day, the Mrs and I went for a spot of lunch in Alfies on South William St. They have a €10 lunch box meal which includes a starter, main course and a soft drink. I thought I would need two but I was pleasantly surprised. The portions were ample even for a man of my appetite. Our meal was washed down by numerous Cuba Libras. The best of which I have tasted for a long time and all for only €5 a pop.

A couple of hours later we were in the Morgan beer garden with Mr.Bic. A few more beverages were enjoyed until it was time to meet the masses and head out to Wrights. We met outside The Church on Mary St. Diamond Dave joined us along with GayRay, Ste and his Julie.

The event itself was good fun. Out of the thirteen fights on the night only two or three would warrant the title boxing. The rest was pure enjoyment. Something strange with watching people you know try to batter each other!!

So up to the Penthouse in Wright we went after the fights. Settled into their fantastic smoking area and out with the cigars. I had got Diamond Dave a Partagas Series P No.2 and a Fonseca No.1 for myself. Both looked lovely and the Fonsca intrigued me. With its Lonsdale shape wrapped in thin tissue paper it looked very attractive.

The smoking of the cigars didn't go as well. More so for DD than myself. We cut far to much of the tapered head and the cigar ended up burning far too fast. Rookie error for someone who should have known better. The Fonseca was a strange one. Fiddling with the paper to get it off was an annoyance and once cut and lit the draw was very tight. Apparently this is common enough with the Lonsdale format but once I got into it the draw loosened up and I must say it was a very enjoyable cigar.

After the stogies the night took a less refined turn but we wont go into that. Needless to say there was a few sore heads and a lot of stories to slag each other about.

Fonseca No.1

The P2

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