Sunday 25 March 2012

Bank Holiday Monday

So I got a rare day off in the middle of my usual 13 on - 1 off routine and it was thoroughly deserved after a tough but enjoyable St Patrick's Weekend.

The Mrs let me lie in for a while but once she got bored of Dog the Bounty Hunter I was getting elbowed. So out of bed I got and jumped in the shower. Not long after we were on our way up to the Decent Cigar Emporium.

I received and email from Guy detailing the offer of the month and I though it was two good to turn down. A book on cigars, a DVD on Cuban cigars and a 3 box of Cohiba Siglo I all for €58. While I was there I also bought 2 x Montecristo No.2 for an event later in the week. (More on that in future posts) While there he also threw in a box of matches and a cigar cutter.

So happy as Larry, and the Mrs giving out about how cigars are turning into an expensive hobby, we jumped on the LUAS and out to Dundrum. A short visit to her folks and we were on our travels again.

We were hungry so decided to get something to eat in the Port House. A lovely little Tapas bar near the Dundrum Shopping Center with a nice covered smoking area. We ordered far too much food with a pitcher of Sangria and I got so excited when the food arrived I forgot to take a picture. (Sorry!!!)

We scoffed through the tapas as only Irish people do and Spanish would shake there heads at. I was looking forward to having a cigar after our desert however as we were the only people dining AL Fresco I think were forgotten about. I was a good 45 mins before we got to see the dessert menu and another 10mins before they came back to take our order.

During this time I took advantage by ordering a Diplomaticas No.3 of their menu. All cigars were provided by James Fox so I knew it wouldn't be a risk. Sadly though by the time we had finished our desserts, a fantastic cinnamon creme brulee, we were both cold and I knew the cigar wouldn't have been enjoyed nor would having to listen to the Mrs for 45- 60mins while I smoked it.

So off we went again to the LUAS for the return leg to city center and home. Belly's full with fantastic food and drink but a little disappointed with the service towards the end. I didn't get to smoke a cigar but my humidor is filling up nicely now.

I went to bed early for the first time in a long time and good job I did as the I had no idea what was in store for me with the week ahead......
Cuban Seal

Habanos Seal
Cigar Offer of the Month

Aftermath of our Tapas

Monte No.2

Diplomaticos no 3

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