Tuesday 8 May 2012

A Week of Two Halves: Part 2

THURSDAY: The Mrs was off and the weather was OK so we decided to go for a stroll around town. I packed two cigars to take with me and off we went. I was extremely tired from the the previous few days and there wasn't much life in me. We spent most of the day bickering over where we were going to eat.

We ended up in Milanos(Pizza Express) in Temple Bar. Our starters were great. Polpette Meatballs and Milanos signature Dough balls. The Mrs is on a health kick so she ordered the Padana Leggera and I was in the mood for something spicy so opted for the Francesco Mazzei Calabrese.

My Pizza was fantastic, Spicy but not too hot, great size crispy rectangular pizza base with plenty of toppings. The Mrs wasn't as impressed. The menu claims her pizza comes with a hole filled with healthy salad. It looked more like she got the crust of a pizza with a few salad leaves and tomatoes thrown in. She ate it all the same!!

The Dessert menu wasn't the best and the Mrs had cream buns on the brain so we paid he bill and sauntered up to a bakery I know on Thomas St. A decent walk for a cream bun but we didn't mind. Coffee slice in hand we made our way home again. I attempted to smoke a cigar on the way home but it ended up very badly. I didn't light it correctly and the stick tunneled on me. Nobody to blame but myself!!

Later on that night I made up for the disappointment of the tunneled cigar by smoking two more. I started off with a La Floridita Toro which was very mild and creamy. I then braved the Alec Bradley MAXX The Fix which is a big meaty cigar.

I have enjoyed the non-Cubans so far but have not been overwhelmed. They are fresh from their travels so I am going to let them sit in the humidor and settle for a while and see if they improve. I hope so because I have 20-odd more to smoke.

FRIDAY / SATURDAY: Worked on the door and it was freezing. Somebody told me it was officially summer now. Try telling that to a doorman standing in zero degrees, probably less with the wind chill.

SUNDAY: Back to the football. I went out to the in-laws in Dundrum to watch the United vs Swansea game. On the way out on the Luas I got the news that c(sh)ity had beat Newcastle 2-0. United ended up winning by the same result so the week ended the way it started. c(sh)ity doing what they needed to do and United not doing enough!!

Here is hoping and praying that miracles can happen next Sunday.

Alec Bradley MAXX The Fix

La Floridita Toro

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