Friday 25 May 2012

Rushing and Relaxing

The sun is shining, music on in the background, the weekend is here and it all means one thing.....I have to go to work and its going to be busy!!

I cant complain though. The couple of days since my last post have been very eventful, well Wednesday was anyway. Yesterday was all about recovery.

Wednesday started of nice and relaxed. I woke up, the Sun was high in the sky, Coffee was brewing and I lit my first Cigar of the day. A Trinidad Reyes. It was the perfect smoke to start the day. 45 minutes or so of pure pleasure. It was moreish and I smoked it down until I was burning my fingers. Fantastic.

Next I was off to James Fox's to collect my prize I had won through Facebook the previous evening. Two tickets to the Jameson Distillery. A tour of the building along with a Whiskey tasting. I had a pleasant chat with David in the store about all things Cuban but unfortunately I had to cut it short as I was in a rush.

Tickets in hand I was belting it up Nassau St, past Merrion Sq and towards Haddington Rd. The details of what transpired over the following few hours will have to remain confidential however suffice to say I could give the whole Law thing a bash if ever I had a few hundred grand and 7-8 years to spare. I left a very happy man.

With business out of the way I was free to enjoy the rest of the day, and what a day it was. I suppose like anywhere in the world, Dublin is a different city when the sun shines. People seem happier, the streets are busier and in general there is a great buzz.

My buzz was about to get better (or was it) as the Mrs and I made our way towards Smithfield and the Jameson distillery. We entered the reception area and joined the queue only to be told that the final tour of the day had been sold out. Not one to be denied, I marched ( well, sneaked unassumingly) up to reception as the lady was dealing with the last lucky customers. Once she finished, I produced my "James Fox" tickets and after a moment of panic/confusion she manged to "fit us in" on the last tour. Result!!

The tour lasted an hour or so. It was enjoyable and informative however I felt it was a little bit rushed. Maybe because it was the final one of the day. I didn't mind as we were lucky to be there in the first place and secondly, I arranged to meet the two Daves at 6pm and I was running late. When the tour ends, you are invited to sample the Jameson Whiskey and a luck few get to do a Whiskey tasting. We were one of the lucky few.

The Whiskey tasting involves comparing Jameson, a triple distilled Whiskey, against a Scotch (blended) and an American (Single Distilled) Whiskey. It is fun, you get to sample three Whiskeys and after it all you get a certificate declaring you a Qualified Whiskey Taster.

Already late, we were now on our way up to St. Stephens Green to meet the two Daves in Sinnotts. We were meeting up before making our way out to the Port House, Dundrum, where we would attend an evening of Whiskey and Cigars run by James Fox.

 The evening deserves a whole post of its own, which I might do tonight after work. So until then, Enjoy the Sun!!

The Reyes

I didn't want to stop

The Mrs at Jameson

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  1. i think you need a cigar mouthpiece