Monday 28 May 2012

Cigars, Culture and Conversation

We arrived out in Dundrum on Wednesday afternoon. The Sun was high in the sky, Mr.Byrne survived his first LUAS trip unscathed, the Mrs went of the do a bit of shopping and the two Daves and I were on our way to the Port House for an Evening of Cigars and Whiskey hosted by James Fox

We traversed through a very busy restaurant to the outdoor decking area at the back. We were greeted with a nice glass of Cava, there was already a decent crowd, we found a nice seat and the Cubans were presented and inspected.

Diamond Dave had brought his new favourite cigar, The Partagas Series P No.2. He is a quick smoker and enjoys spending no more than 30-40 mins smoking a nice spicy cigar. Even with its 52 ring gauge, this cigar suits him down to the ground. Mr.Byrne was presented with a Bolivar Gold Medal. He was warned that it was a very strong cigar that appealed to the more seasoned smoker. He scoffed, I conceded, and I gave him the cigar. Hours later, as I was leaving, I noticed a cigar beside the ashtray where we sat. A Bolivar Gold Medal, barely half of it smoked!!!!

Speaking of the Ashtray. I have recently connected with a guy called "Stinky" on Twitter. A fellow BOTL, hailing from Las Vegas (I think), he developed and sells the most practical and stylish Cigar ashtrays I have seen. I have looked to buy an ashtray that accommodates four cigars in Dublin. You can get them but they are not cheep. They range from about €50/60 upwards and you will have to empty the ash at regular intervals to keep them practical.

To my surprise as we sat at our table, there in front of my was my ideal ashtray. A big bulbous pot to collect ash, matches, Cigar rings and whatever else, situated below four lovely beveled stays for your cigars. On the side, I found a logo, "Stinky Cigars". could this be the guy I have been tweeting. Turns out it was. The cigar world can be a very close community at times. Check out what I am talking about at Stinky's Website
I was enjoying the Cohiba Siglo VI for the first time. It is Diamond Daves go to Cigar so I had to try it. If I am honest I didn't pay much attention to the Siglo VI. I was puffing away in between the conversations, drink and food. What I will say, however, with everything going on around me I didn't have to worry about my cigar once. I was puffing away, the cigar was burning perfectly, I was enjoying it, and all without having to pay attention to it. Mark of a good cigar in my books. I will certainly pick up some more and give them the attention they deserve.

In between the haze of Cigar smoke came the Whiskeys. We sampled five different types on the night. Not a major whiskey fan myself I was surprised at the smoothness and flavour of the drinks, unlike the harshness I am used to whenever I had tried whiskey before.

We sampled:
Mitchell's Green Spot
Middleton Barry Crockett
Powers John Lane
Mitchell's Yellow Spot

Apparently, all were Pot Still Whiskeys and all supplied by Irish Distillers. I know very little about whiskeys but the guy presenting each one was very informative and I enjoyed the samples. My favourite of the them all was the Middleton Barry Crockett. It was like drinking honey, fantastic. I had resolved myself to buy a bottle until I heard the price. €190 a bottle!! Needless to say I wont be picking up a bottle anytime soon.

Whiskey flowing, Tapas served, palates tantalised it was time for the Romeo y Julieta Wide Churchill. David from James Fox gave a brief talk before the Cigars were handed out and promptly lit. The cigar had a nice feel in my hand and burned well. Once again I got caught up in conversation, this time with Rob Fox, to concentrate on the cigar. Luckily, Mr.Byrne, who was looking a bit green at this stage, gave me his cigar. I will try that one evening and take my time with it.

I had a great chat with Rob Fox about Cigars, Cigars culture in Ireland, Cuba and a lot more. It is great to meet like minded people and talk about your passion. Even if you enjoy the occasional Cigar I would recommend to enjoy it with other Cigar smokers. This was the first event of its kind that I have attended but it certainly wont be the last. I cant wait for the next one and I hope I wont have too either.

A truly wonderful evening of Cigars, Culture and Conversation.

The Ashtray

Cohiba Siglo VI on the go

RyJ Wide Churchill

Closer look


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