Friday 18 May 2012

45 Seconds Of Hope

Sunday morning I awoke with a sense of hope. In only a few hours I was to watch the last Premier League game of the 2011/12 season. 90 minutes would decide who would prevail as the top team in England but more importantly the top team in Manchester. Well, for a year at least!!

The Mrs and I walked towards Buskers. It was a sunny afternoon, the streets were busy and people were going about their business. I was shocked! Did these people not understand what was about to take place? Did they not care? Did they not understand?

On the walk over and especially when we entered the bar I was amazed with the amount of sky blue replica jerseys. Where did all these c(sh)itty supporters appear from. Maybe they were all Chelski supporters a few years ago.

I must let you all know before we go forward that I have not been to Old Trafford since the Glazers have taken charge. I am off the belief that they are bleeding the club dry for their own personal gain. I succumb to the "Green and Gold 'till we're sold" brigade.

We had the best seats in the house. Big screen in from of us and the "other" game on a smaller one behind us. Brown Bear, Ste, Doran, Monkies and his new squeeze all came in to join us. Kick off was moments away and I felt as if I was about to play myself!

Throughout the following 90 minutes(not including half time) both teams jostled for the top spot. United were top, then c(sh)itty scored. As it stood they would be champions.

QPR equalised, putting United top again. If dreams came true what happened next was right up there. QPR scored again, taking the lead. c(sh)itty would need 2 goals to win the league and there was only 10 minutes remaining.

The final whistle went in the United game. They were champions, right?

QPR had a man sent off (Joey Barton) earlier in the game. The melee that followed his dismissal meant that there was 5 minutes injury time in the c(sh)itty game. As the United game finished Edwin Dzeco scored an equaliser for the blue side of Manchester.

It was OK though. United were still on top. c(sh)itty needed to score again and time was running out. Against all odds QPR had done the impossible and United were going to be champions. 45 seconds later it was all over. I had my head in my hands and it felt like the stomach had been ripped out of me. c(sh)itty scored with the last kick of the game. They were champions. I was SICK!!!

The rest of the day involved many bars and even more drink. I managed to slip in a Bolivar Belicosos Finos somewhere while I was drowning my sorrows. I remember enjoying it. It was a pleasant break in a day that contained many extreme highs and lows.

I suppose that why I love football. We have the European Championships in a few weeks, followed by the Olympics, however none can compare with the excitement and adrenaline that goes hand in hand with the English Premier League.

Roll on August so we can start it all over again.


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