Monday 14 May 2012

A Diamond Birthday

The week started as well as I could have wanted. Bank Holiday Monday and a day in front of the TV. We eventually got out of bed sometime after 3 o'clock and that was to run to the shops and be back in time for Harry Potter. Snacks purchased, I commandeered the sofa for the rest of the day. Movies and food all day                         made me a happy bunny.

Tuesday I was back to work but I was there in body only. I had a meeting Wednesday and left as soon as it finished. I was on the bus back into town to meet up with Diamond Dave to celebrate the 3rd anniversary of his 30th birthday. 

I popped into the Decent Cigar Emporium on my way to meet him and purchased a Cohiba Siglo VI to add to his present I had in hand (a Care Bear - Long story). I met DD in No Name Bar and gave him his presents. He had one for me as well, a very late Christmas present, A SKY torch lighter. 

It didn't take me long to put it to the test, lighting up my 1st cigar of the day, a Romeo y Julieta Escudos Limited Edition 2007. The wrapper had a slight crack but it didn't effect the taste whatsoever. It did look a bit comical half way through, almost like an exploding cigar from a cartoon. Once past the damaged section the burn evened out perfectly.

A few drinks, and a few more people later we headed across the road to the Market Bar for some Tapas. Actually, far too much Tapas. I was stuffed. The Market bar has redeveloped its upstairs function room into a very comfortable smoking area. I will defiantly be returning there.

At this point the weather had taken a turn for the worst so the closest option was to run to the Exchequer Bar. It was only my second time here. It was very busy but we eventually found ourselves seated in comfy leather sofas drinking strange but tasty cocktails.

The night was getting on now, the weather was getting worse, the Mrs wanted to dance and I wanted to smoke. Many bars were suggested, a taxi ride and much walking around in the rain later we ended up in Flannerys. Much is said about this bar but they have a nice smoking area with a real turf fire which was very welcoming to our cold and wet bodies.

It was in here I had my second cigar of the evening, a Punch Double Corona. By far the largest Cigar I have smoked to date. I have had it in my humidor since January and I was dying to smoke it. I was extremely smooth. I took my time enjoying every draw and ended up smoking it right down until I couldn't hold it anymore. Truly a delight.

Food, alcohol and cigars were taking there toll at this stage and as the rest of the group headed towards Copper Face Jacks, I was in a taxi home.

Thursday morning I didn't feel to bad but I am sure I would not have been allowed to operate heavy machinery. I didn't really do much or if I did I don't remember. I do remember finishing off my day with a Honduran cigar, the Bayamo Robusto. Oh and the Mrs brought me home a lovely surprise, The Illustrated History Of Cigars, which was nice. So cigar and book in hand it was a pleasant end to the day.

Friday and Saturday I was working on the door. Friday was quiet but Saturday was busy however both nights, as do most nights, presented me with moments that make me doubt the future of humanity. I just hope I am not as stupid when I am drunk!!! 

Sunday deserves a whole post of its own. I aged years in only 45secs. I am not up to writing about it yet!!

Punch Double Corona
PDC on the go

RyJ LE 2007

Bayamo Robusto (Honduran)
New Book
Out of Box
Display box
Cigar Punch at the bottom

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