Sunday 6 May 2012

A Week of Two Halves: Part 1

MONDAY: The most important Derby game in recent years was about to kick off. I was in Buskers Bar with Ste B and Mr. Withero. 105mins later I needed to drown my sorrows. United lost 1-0 and virtually handed the league to c(sh)ity.

Normally I would have stormed home and there would be no speaking to me for days after losing a game of that importance. I wanted too, believe me, however I had asked the lads to come into town so I wasn't going to abandon them.

Many pints and Morgan Spice later we ended up in Coppers (yes, we were that drunk). For any one who doesn't know Copper Face Jacks (Coppers) is the place nobody admits to going to yet it is packed 7 nights a week.

TUESDAY: Strangely enough, I didn't wake up too bad although I did have a missed call from the post man re: my cigar delivery that I mentioned in my previous post. Tuesday was spent ringing around trying to locate my parcel. It was also a shocker of a day weather wise so I was quiet happy to stay indoors.

WEDNESDAY: I got a call to inform me where to go to collect the cigars, the An Post collection depot in Kilbarrack. Now lets get something out of the way. I have lived in Dublin since 1999 after moving from Donegal. I live in the City Center and pride myself in knowing my way around. Actually when it comes to City Center I am probably more knowledgeable than most Dubs. As soon as I leave the comfort zone of Dublin 1 & 2 its a different story.

I made my way down to Tara St. Station to get the Dart. I didn't know what train to get or what platform it left from. I got off at the wrong stop, got lost, made my way back to the station, waited 12mins for the next train only to find out the next stop was a couple of hundred yards up the track, Got off at the correct station, got lost again, eventually found the depot, made my way back to the train station and then looked like a terrorist all the way back home as I was sweating after my excursion while also holding a brown package. Plus side, no body sat beside me and I finally had my cigars

I got home and unpacked them, inspected them and placed them in my humidor. I was itching to smoke one so I got young Matt to call over and we headed for the Morgan Hotel. We both had a Famous VSL Honduran. I enjoyed mine but poor Matt was going green. A newbie to cigars like my self albeit a few months behind he made it half way through the full bodied cigar before giving up.

Later that evening I tried a second cigar from my new stash. It was a Pinar Del Rio Seleccion Robusto. Once again it was an enjoyable cigar but there is a remarkable difference when it comes to Cubans. I was missing them already!!

Famous VSL Honduran

PDR Seleccion Robusto

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