Saturday 14 April 2012

Meeting, Football and Cuba

Why cant I just have a quite week?

After the madness that was Easter all I wanted to do was put the head down and take it easy. It started all so well with Monday being very nondescript. It all stopped there though!!

Tuesday I had a security meeting in the Central Hotel in Exchequer St. I met up with Diamond Dave(DD) and Marco and went for a pint in the Bank on College Green. A swift one there was followed by another in the Exchequer Bar beside the hotel. Another swiftly and we were up to the meeting.

Two Hours of my life wasted. Due to my partial deafness I had to keep asking DD what was going on and if it applied to us. I could see the amusement of this faded very quickly on his part so in short I sat in the conference room not having a clue what was going on.

The meeting was followed by another few in the Exchequer and a short walk later another couple in the Temple Bar. I had work the following morning so I had to cut the night short. Home and straight to bed and not a stogie smoked.

The following night Manchester United were playing Wigan. Ill be brief about this.

To cheer myself up after the game I selected a Montecristo Edmundo from my Humidor. I enjoyed it but nowhere near the pleasure I got from the Petit Edmundo. I have said it before but mood, surroundings etc.. have so much to do with the enjoyment of a fine cigar.

I got an email from the Mrs on Wed night while I was out. It contained a link to a travel site dealing with trips to Cuba. I looked at it briefly but dismissed it as a pipe dream. Thursday things heated up. When I came home from the Studio we spoke about the holiday, the cost what it would contain etc..

In the end we decided why not. To celebrate I grabbed a Trinidad Robusto Extra. It took me over and hour and a half to smoke the thing. It was a fine cigar, started off well and stayed that way all the way through.

Friday she booked our holiday. 10 nights in Cuba in August. 3 in Havana and 7 in some resort up the road. Now all we have to do is pay for it. Friday night in work started off well but ended up a very long night.

As I said before...Why cant I just have a quiet week!!!

Montecristo Edmundo

Trinidad Robusto Extra

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