Sunday 25 March 2012

Bank Holiday Monday

So I got a rare day off in the middle of my usual 13 on - 1 off routine and it was thoroughly deserved after a tough but enjoyable St Patrick's Weekend.

The Mrs let me lie in for a while but once she got bored of Dog the Bounty Hunter I was getting elbowed. So out of bed I got and jumped in the shower. Not long after we were on our way up to the Decent Cigar Emporium.

I received and email from Guy detailing the offer of the month and I though it was two good to turn down. A book on cigars, a DVD on Cuban cigars and a 3 box of Cohiba Siglo I all for €58. While I was there I also bought 2 x Montecristo No.2 for an event later in the week. (More on that in future posts) While there he also threw in a box of matches and a cigar cutter.

So happy as Larry, and the Mrs giving out about how cigars are turning into an expensive hobby, we jumped on the LUAS and out to Dundrum. A short visit to her folks and we were on our travels again.

We were hungry so decided to get something to eat in the Port House. A lovely little Tapas bar near the Dundrum Shopping Center with a nice covered smoking area. We ordered far too much food with a pitcher of Sangria and I got so excited when the food arrived I forgot to take a picture. (Sorry!!!)

We scoffed through the tapas as only Irish people do and Spanish would shake there heads at. I was looking forward to having a cigar after our desert however as we were the only people dining AL Fresco I think were forgotten about. I was a good 45 mins before we got to see the dessert menu and another 10mins before they came back to take our order.

During this time I took advantage by ordering a Diplomaticas No.3 of their menu. All cigars were provided by James Fox so I knew it wouldn't be a risk. Sadly though by the time we had finished our desserts, a fantastic cinnamon creme brulee, we were both cold and I knew the cigar wouldn't have been enjoyed nor would having to listen to the Mrs for 45- 60mins while I smoked it.

So off we went again to the LUAS for the return leg to city center and home. Belly's full with fantastic food and drink but a little disappointed with the service towards the end. I didn't get to smoke a cigar but my humidor is filling up nicely now.

I went to bed early for the first time in a long time and good job I did as the I had no idea what was in store for me with the week ahead......
Cuban Seal

Habanos Seal
Cigar Offer of the Month

Aftermath of our Tapas

Monte No.2

Diplomaticos no 3

St Patrick's Day (on the door)

So its been a while since my last post. Two Weeks I would say!! A lot has gone on so I might break it up into separate posts.

I will start with St. Patrick's Day / weekend / week!! I am really not sure anymore how long the celebrations goes on for but what I did know is that it fell on a Saturday this year. It was going to be fun.

Now when people talk about Paddy's day fun they usually are referring to the drink, craic, singing and dancing. Unfortunately I am referring to the opposite end. The falling, sleeping, crying, vomiting and the fighting. Its the price I pay for the job I do I suppose. Luckily enough the establishment where I work is a well run bar and there is lot of what I first described and very little of the latter.

Actually if the truth be told, I really enjoyed working this Paddy's day. The crowd were lovely, friendly and enjoying the day. The weather was nice, not glorious but the rain held off. These combining factors put myself and Diamond Dave in the spirit of the day and we entertained the smokers while they were at the front door. So much so, the word got out, and people who didn't even smoke where out to the door to enjoy our terrible dancing and even worse jokes and sketches.

We worked from 12 noon until 0230 the following morning without any hassle and we thoroughly enjoyed our pints after work. I drew the short straw and had to work the Sunday. Spirits were still high but my enthusiasm was running on empty. I was a very long 8 hr Shift. All that got me through was the thought of the Bank Holiday Monday but that's a story for the next post.

Until then.....

Sunday 11 March 2012

Lazy Sundays

Sundays, I love every second Sunday. Why? Well that's my only day off every two weeks. One day in every fourteen!! Somebody has to do it.

The weekend was grand. Worked Friday and a very long day Saturday. Ireland was playing Scotland in the rugby and Dublin was invaded by Scots. A twelve hour shift standing on the door of the very popular establishment where I work. Ireland won which subdued the Scots somewhat but after a few Guinness you would have never knew who won as Irish and Scots men danced and hugged each other. I will say one thing about rugby, there is a friendliness and respect seldom found in other sports, and that's coming from me, a football fan.

So as I said, my place of work at the weekend is rarely quiet and Saturday was no different. A long shift was rewarded by a few pints after work and after a short stumble home and what seemed like an even shorter stay of slumber it was Sunday. My Sunday off!!!

I was awoke by my phone. It was the Mrs. I have never known a woman who gets up as early. She was out with her family and rang to get me up for the Manchester United game. Fair play to her.

So with a groggy head and tired eyes I sat to watch the match. 90 minutes later, excluding half time, I was full of the joys of life. United beat West Brom 2-0 with Rooney getting a brace. What made the result all the sweeter was hearing "city" lost 1-0 to the mighty Swansea. It was already a great day.

The Mrs arrived home during the match and once it was over we went for a walk around town. As dull a day it was, the sunglasses were still needed. I may have been in a great mood but my body was still recovering from the pints the night before.

My mood was lifted even more shortly after. The Mrs went off on her own for a while and when we met up again she presented me with a bag from the Decent Cigar Emporium. Inside were two fantastic gifts. A Romeo y Julieta Escudos Limited Edition 2007 for aging and a Partagas Presidentes which I am going to have shortly.

Cigars in hand we went to the local for the hair of the dog. A few hours spent in the company of the Mrs and  our sea-faring barman "Roundy" was a great way to spend the evening.

So home now, blog almost done and looking forward to lighting my Partagas Presidentes to end of my day. Only thirteen more days to my next Sunday off!!!!

                                                                Partagas Presidentes

                                                Romeo y Julieta Escudos Limited Edition 2007

Thursday 8 March 2012

Half Day, But Was It Really?

So I ended up taking a half day today. I was just sitting in front of the PC reloading my mail. Not really a productive day. So up I got, walked to the bus and within 30 mins was back in Dublin City center.

The Mrs was off today so I got her ready and we went for a walk around town. To be honest I probably got more work done calling in on people than sitting in the office waiting for them. Personal touch, that's what its all about.

Business calls done I headed for the Decent Cigar Emporium on the Top of Grafton Street. I had only one cigar left in my humidor. It is a Cohiba Behike 52 which I am letting age and because I have a big order of 21 cigars and a new humidor on the way I am reluctant to stock up. So with nothing to smoke and not having enjoyed a cigar since Sunday past, I climbed the stairs into what is now my equivalent of a sweet shop.

Wall to wall cigars on display, all looked good and all smelled great. Unlike other cigar shops I have been in I was allowed to peruse at my own leisure without a sales guy forcing me into a decision. I admit that I am a novice when it comes to cigars but that is something I aim to change.

Totally lost and not knowing a great deal apart from Cohibas, Davidoffs and a couple more, I asked for assistance. I explained to the guy where I was on my cigar journey and he was more than eager to help. Again, unlike other retail outlets, he was happy for me exploring the world of cigars. It didn't matter how much I spent or even if I made a purchase. He was happy to explain about various cigars and there origin, age and taste.

I opted to buy two cigars. One to age and one to smoke today. After an insightful discussion I opted for a "Punch Churchill" for my aging process and a rather large and handsome "Grafton Reserve" to smoke. I am not sure of the name or size of the Grafton reserve but he did tell me that the tobacco is already aged and ready to smoke. I think he told me it was aged 6 years or it could be 9. Again I apologise, I am a novice.

After my purchases, I dropped them off in my humidor at home and headed to the local to watch the Manchester United match. Less said about that the better.

So home now, second blog entry almost finished and I am about to spark up my Grafton Reserve. I will tell you what I thought in the next entry as well as my reason for starting on this hobby which I already have the feeling is going to turn into much more.

                                              The Punch Churchill

                                                 The Grafton Reserve (Perfecto - I think)

                                                        The Cohiba Behike 52

My First Post

So, this is my first post.
I hope to inspire and educate somewhat, make you laugh, cry, think and observe.

Just perhaps not in this post!!

Today I am sitting in the office of my (unpaid) day job. It a TV & Film production studio in Dublin. We are in the business end of organising our first Film Festival. The office is surprisingly quiet considering that it kicks off in two weeks. The rest of the crew are out and about organising and meetings and general work stuff. I am in the office. There are only so many emails one can send before people get annoyed with you.

So to pass the time and make it look like I am actually doing something I decided to start this blog. As I have said in my overly conceited opening statement I would like to share my experiences with the world. The only problem is that my life is just the same as anyone else. No exciting trips abroad every second week, No rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous, No dining on Yachts.

However, what I hope to bring to the party......

1. My new hobbies are cigars. I have smoked cigars on and off for a few years but I never really knew what I was doing. Maybe in the next blog I will give you more of an insight into why its my new hobby.

2. My love for football or more importantly Manchester United F.C. I say I have lost a lot of potential readers at this point.

3. An insight into the nitty gritty of the production world and basically how hard it is to get a foot in the door. Hopefully moving forward I will get that metaphorical foot in and my blog may get a lot more exciting.

4. The Hospitality Industry. Namely working the Door in a bar. Yes I am a doorman but we are not all bad. Some of the things that I have seen and heard should be entertaining to read.

5. General day to day stuff. If its exciting, Ill put it in the blog

So that's it for the moment, Off I go to reload my email page every 3 seconds in the hope someone will reply.

Until the next time......