Monday 9 April 2012

Easter Pt4: Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday started off Very well. I crawled out of bed and into the living room to watch Manchester United Vs QPR. United won 2-0 to go eight points clear at the top of the table with man city playing Arsenal later that day.

Already in a good mood, I was off with the Mrs to see the in-laws. We met them in Wynns Hotel where I had a couple of pints of Carlsberg. They had the match on in the background but I chose to be sociable and try not too watch it. It didn't really work. Arsenal won 1-0 and at that point I was a very happy man.

Oh, before I forget. It was our four years since the day the Mrs bullied me into saying I was her boyfriend. Four years later we are now "Life Partners". It the closest she can get without having me put a ring on her finger!! ( I will get battered for that!!)

So as it was our anniversary I decided I would treat her to dinner and use a meal for two voucher I had won at the Dublin Pub Box. (I'm good like that) Luckily for me it was a voucher for the Porterhouse Central that we both like and eat in quite often.

We settled in and I had the large suicide wings to start and she had soup. We both opted for steak, a 10oz Rib-eye for myself and an 8oz Flat Iron for herself. The wings were washed down with a bottle of Old Speckled Hen and we (by that I mean I) went for a bottle of Australian Riesling for our mains. I know, I know, steak with white wine but we ordered the wine before we decided what to eat.

We finished our meal with two fine deserts. I had the Ferrero Roche cheesecake and a chocolate bourbon pecan pie was ordered for the lady.

Nice and full we left to find a nice heated smoking area so I could enjoy a cigar. The weather was shocking but luckily enough we are dab hands at this sort of thing. We ended up in the back smoking area in SamSara. They have a lovely area out the front that looks great but for those in the know walk all the way down the back. Nice soft leather couches with more than ample heaters to keep you toasty.

I opted for the Montecristo Petit Edmundo from the collection the Mrs got me. I had never had one before but I would certainly have one again. Probably the first cigar I have smoked that I would buy a full box without any hesitation. It was superb. After a full meal it aided my digestion. That full feeling that can put an end to many an evening was totally gone by the time I finished my cigar. I was full of flavour and never overpowering. The biggest plus was the size. As I said the weather was shocking and although the heaters kept the cold out I wouldn't have liked to sit for a couple of hours with a large cigar. The petit edmundo took me 50-60 mins and that was me taking my time. A seasoned smoker would probably get 35-45 mins from it.

I took my time and I loved it.

Off we went then to meet a few friends in Dacota. A few hours and a few whiskeys sours later we headed to the Mercantile for one and then to the Mezz. It was here that I pulled out my second cigar of the evening. It was a Hoyo De Monterrey Petit Robusto. It looked great and felt great although I could get no smell from it at all.

Maybe that was an indicator. I took great care (as always) with removing the cap, just above the first ring, took my time toasting the foot before bringing it to my mouth, then it all fell apart, literally. After a few draws, the wrapper started to unravel, a couple more and the whole thing was loose. I tried my best to salvage it but to no avail. Less than half way into the first third it was unsmokable.

I have no reason for this but hopefully by my next post I will. I have once again tapped into the Decent Cigar Emporium combined brains and once they get back to me I will let you know.

All in all it left a bitter taste in my mouth after such a fantastic day. That is the thing with cigars I suppose. They are 100% natural product with no two being completely identical. I am sure the torcedor in Cuba wouldn't be happy to hear what happened. Maybe one day I will get there and tell him myself!!

Hoyo De Monterrey Petit Robusto

Montcristo Petit Edmundo

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