Sunday 6 January 2013

Happy New Year!!

January the 6th is called Little Christmas in Ireland.

It is also the 12th Day of Christmas. On this day the Decorations come down as it is said to be bad luck to take them down earlier; It is traditionally the end of the school holidays for all the kids; Another tradition states that any food left over from Christmas Day should be thrown out today. It worries me that people would still be eating leftovers eleven days after it was cooked.

So the Mrs dismantled the tree and packed it up for another year. Christmas ended well before today for the two of us. The Mrs was back in work on the 27th Dec and I was back on the 28th. Last year we spent Christmas in Paris with the Byrnes. We had a great time and apart from a few Christmas Markets it didn't feel very festive. This year in Dublin was the same.

Christmas Day was spent in the In-laws and Boxing Day (St.Stephens Day) was spent with the Byrnes. The 27th we met the Byrnes again for a few sociables in the city center.

The Byrnes, due to their new arrival, had not had a night out in almost a year. A few Long Island Ice Tea's later that fact was evident. A nice relaxing night ended up with the Byrnes parting company slightly drunk and very tired, or the other way around, i'm not sure!! Maybe next time the will listen to me and go for a nice meal before hand!!!!

It was back to the grindstone after that for everyone and especially me in the lead up to New Years Eve. For the 4th year in a row, Hollywood and I watched the (Now) world famous balloon drop in the Church Bar, hugged each other (In a manly way... was!!!) and quietly contemplated what 2013 had in store.

The week just passed has seen me back in the day job as well as working the door. My cigar smoking has been very muted due to the weather as well as being far too tired to really enjoy a good smoke. I had a Macanudo Vintage 2000 on Christmas night and a Sosa Churchill on one of the other nights.

I followed them two cigars up with another two when I met Hollywood during the week. We met up for "one or two"  and about eight pints of Guinness later I had smoked a Tatuaje Mini Mum and a Ramon Allones Specially Selected.

I received a parcel in the post the next morning. Three fantastic Cigars from somebody in the states. The only problem was that I didn't have a clue who they were from. A lot of hours googling and tweeting later I found out they were sent by one of my fellow BOTL (Brother of the Leaf) @MattSRoss81. Thanks again for them!!

So that just leaves me to say I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and make sure to have a prosperous and healthy New Year. Just remember, It is a new year, a clean sheet, a blank diary. The only person stopping you from doing what you want is YOU!!!

Tatuaje Mini Mum

Sosa Churchill


Macanudo Vintage 2000

Cigars recieved from @MattSRoss81


  1. Nice - enjoy the sticks! I can't wait to hear your thoughts on them!

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