Wednesday 20 June 2012

Cigars, Sunshine and Memory Loss

Ten Days have passed since my last post. A lot has happened. Its just a pity I cant remember most of it. Well most of Sunday anyway!!

Lets start with what I do remember;

Ireland lost all three games they played in Euro 2012 and are out of the Tournament. The support they received has done the country proud and goes well beyond football. (No matter what Mr.Keane may say)

England Qualified last night after another controversial goal line decision and will play Italy on Sunday. They will look at it as justice for Lampards goal against Germany in South Africa.

After my last blog post I sparked up a Romeo y Julieta Wide Churchill (Cuban). It was my second time smoking this cigar. I had sampled it at the James Fox night I attended and with all that was going on I didn't take much notice of it. The second was not great. The taste was OK, nothing outstanding. It was the attention I had to pay this Cigar that dragged it down. Constant touch ups and wonky burn is not what I look for in a Cigar. 

The second of the week was on Monday evening. I was meant to go to a leaving party for a fried but I was too tired to get off the sofa. Instead I torched up a Bayamo Robusto (Honduran). I've had a few of these. Smoking them to get rid off them really. A nice Cigar but as I have said before, who wants "Nice"
On Tuesday, I was gifted a cigar, one I have never seen before. It was an Alvaro Cedros. After a lot of searching I found out that it is an Indonesian Cigar. Sold mostly in Spain, primarily the Canary Islands. I'm still unsure whether it can be smoked dry or not. Either way I have it in my humidor. I'm in no rush to smoke it. 

My penultimate cigar of the week was theLa Floridita Toro (Nicaraguan). I had this cigar with a large jug of freshly brewed coffee. Its amazing the difference it makes. Coffee can turn an average cigar into a great smoking experience.
My final Cigar of the week was on Sunday. A Cuaba Piramides EL 2008 (Cuban) I enjoyed this cigar a lot. That could have been due to the sunshine and Gin cocktails but more about that later(If my memory returns).

Other Cigar Related News:
Thursday I ran home from work to join in on a Conference call to the US. I was speaking to Jeff and Irving from Cigar News. The website is launching on August 1st and going forward I hope to be part of the Cigar News team. More to follow in time....

I have also been invited to take part in an online Wrapper seminar hosted by Jose Blanco from Joya De Nicaragua. This event is in association with Buttheads Tobacco in Danbury, Connecticut who generously sent me out the Cigar we will be sampling. I picked it up yesterday and it looks amazing. a single cigar with four different wrappers. It should be great. It kicks off Thursday @ 8pm EST. That's 1am for me but it will be worth staying up for

My friend Stinky in Las Vegas, from Stinky's Ashtrays has also started a YouTube channel. Check out his videos here and enjoy his new jingle. Its great

That brings me on the Sunday and the Taste of Dublin. An outdoor event held annually in the Iveagh Gardens in Dublin City Center. I went along with Mr.Bic and John There Now. This is where the memory goes blank. A lot of alcohol was consumed and no food was consumed which both equaled to a very drunk man with very little memory. I woke up the next morning with a smashed phone and a bruised body and I think I lost my dignity along the way.

All I can say is the Irish don't do things in half measures....Apart from their football.

RyJ Wide Churchill

Alvaro Cedros

Bayamo Robusto

La Floridita Toro

Cuaba Pirimides El 2008

The Lads enjoying Stogies


  1. I can only add that the Alvaro cigar is not from Indonesia, but from Tenerife where the tobacco is grown from a cuban seed. I found these cigars over 25 years ago and if treated correctly are a wonderful cigar. I have seen many bad reviews, but I can only assume that the cigar was not kept properly before smoking. My experiences have only been good and they are so cheap in Spain.

  2. Are they still available anywhere as I can't find them