Wednesday 27 June 2012 Reviewed is now live and up and running!!

I have been following @CigarStix for a while now on twitter and I have been eagerly awaiting the launch of thier new site. They have been promising a site like no other with a varied range of boutique cigars that would suit every smoker.

Boy have they delivered!!!

Arriving on the site you are greated by a short video displaying all the cigar brand that can now be purchased through Cigar Stix. Click into "Premium Boutique Stix" on the left and you are greated with an array of brands to chose from.

Now to be honest, a lot of these brands are alien to me. I have only ever heard of the likes of Sosa and Oliveros. Perusing through the other brands I am wondering why?

There are Cigars from Blue Mountain which contains the fantastically named El Cartel. A cigar I have ever seen the likes of before and would stare at in wonder ( thinking how do I smoke the bloody thing). There is also Cigars from Don Corazza, including its very tasty looking Torpedo, La Tradicion Cubana which has great figurados like the Great Pyramid FS and Chulo Fs and Silencio Cigars and their Salamones range among much, much more.

Its not only Cigars though. Cigar Stix boasts a wide selection of Cigar Accessories which include Humidors, Cutters and lighters among an assortment of other items to make you happy. You could also buy Cigar Art from Aclaimed Cuban born artist Alberto Godoy.

When your money is all spent you can still spend hours on this site looking through the Articles of Interest. From Cigar History to Plugged Cigars its all here. Move on to the Cigar Glossary and its a haven of knowledge that is a great reference to the newbie and aficionado alike. Cigar Stix also have gone that extra bit to let you know how to set up and care for your humidor.

So if your a seasoned smoker or you are about to pick up your first stogie, Cigar Stix has it all. Reasonable pricing and free shipping until July 4th 2012, you could go to worse places than this site.

Now to find out the biggest question off all. Do they ship to Ireland???

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