Thursday 27 December 2012

A Christmas Catch Up

A Merry Christmas to everyone and apologies for the lack of Blog posts. It has been crazy over here!!

I will give you a brief update starting where we left off, our return from Cuba.

I met Hollywood for a long arranged post-Cuba cigar night. Cigars were smoked, cocktails were consumed and little did I know, I wouldn't have many more nights like that for a while.

Next up was the Blog Awards. I was one of the finalist's in the Best Mobile Compatible Blog. I went, I didn't win but I had a great night and met some great people especially the two behind the following great blogs, Me, Mine and Other Bits and Worth Doing Badly. Real names are omitted due to legal reasons!!!

The next bit of news was the biggest of the year. The Byrnes had a baby boy called Leon. Thank Higgs Boson it was a boy as I will be the Godfather and I don't think a girl would appreciate being dragged to watch football matches.

Speaking of Football. I am now the Manager of the team I joined in the summer, South William St. Celtic FC. We wont be taking on the European stage anytime soon but we are holding our own. I could dedicate a whole other blog to their antics so I wont delve further into it here.

My New Humidor also arrived during my blogging break. It is a Adorini Habana Deluxe. It holds around 300 cigars spread among a removable tray and space for boxes of cigars. 

The humidor was needed immediately as I had to store my Cuban cigars and the packages I received in the post. Most notably from Logan Lawlor. First of all he added a few extra cigars to the 3 pack of Monte Pascals that I won on #CigarChat and then, just before Christmas  I received another fantastic bundle of Cigars from him. 

I love getting cigars from the US as the majority of sticks I receive cannot be bought over her. That is the reason when I spotted that Buttheads were doing an offer on boxes of Tatuaje Little Monsters I just had to get one. Kevin is a great guy over there and is always eager to help even though shipping to Ireland is not a common thing for him. I was saddened to hear about the School Shooting that was so close to them and must have effected many of their customers family and friends. 

On a lighter note, a very good friend of mine, Mr.Black, has found love. I met him many years ago as a young, wet behind the ears, naive but eager young fellow. As he hailed from the same part of the country as me I took him under my wing and showed him the ways of the world. It up for debate how worldly my knowledge is but he has turned out alright and just recently proposed to his, now, fiance. I wish them both the best of look in the future.

So with a wedding on the horizon  a godson to spoil and with Christmas around the corner I ended up taking on another job. A friend of mine is owner of a very successful restaurant in Dublin city center. He needed staff, I needed the money, It was only logical that I accepted. It is polar opposite to my regular job of standing on a door  but working both funnily gives me an appreciating for the other (if that makes sense)

That brings me to my absence  Working early mornings in the restaurant, late nights on the door and football in between has seriously hampered my cigar smoking, tweeting, #CigarChats etc.. On the plus side my Cigar collection has grown dramatically.

I did however find a few hours one of the evening to join the crew at their Christmas Herf. Smoking cigars with like minded Cigar enthusiasts is always a good thing and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I had to leave early, (work in the morning), however I ended bringing home a couple of fantastic cigars, one of which was a custom roll by Hamlet, one of the best torcedors to come out of Cuba. 

Before I knew it Christmas was upon me. Running around Dublin city center looking for presents is no easy task yet I got it done well before my usual panic of shopping on Christmas Eve. The Mrs outdone herself as well. This year I received a very nice selection of cigars along with a bottle of Middleton Barry Crocket. 

That kind of brings you all up to date. If I have forgotten anything or anyone I am truly sorry. I will also en-devour to keep my updates as regular as I can. A New Years Resolution if you will.

Anyway, I hope you all are enjoying the festivities and have a great time over Christmas. I will see you all in the New Year.

The Blog Awards

Little Leon

My New Humidor

#CigarChat Bundle from Logan

Christmas Bundle from Logan

Little Monsters from Buttheads

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Christmas Present from the Mrs - Cigars

New addition to the family

Christmas Present from the Mrs - Whiskey

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