Wednesday 15 August 2012

Countdown to Cuba

The previous few weeks have been a countdown to Cuba for me, and the time has flown past. As I sit here and type, it is less than two days before I get on that plane.

Since I last left off I have started an additional Blog that I solely created for Cigar reviews. I wont be writing for Cigar Aficionado anytime soon but I would like to think that I give a brief, concise review without all the garble you will find on this blog. You can find the new blog here!!

The first entry (I copy/paste the Monte review from this blog) was the AVO Classic Robusto. This cigar was part of a sampler pack I won through Buttheads "Fan of The Week". I had mixed feelings with this Cigar. Nice at times, too harsh at others. Overall I would certainly smoke another if it had a bit of age on it.

The next cigar under review was the Montecristo No. 4. I was gifted this cigar by Marko D in work. I say gifted, in actual fact his Girlfriend was guilted into supplying the cigar. She had stupidly told me that her dad used to smoke cigars but had to give them up. The result of this was he now had a humidor full of cigars that would never be touched.

After numerous slaggings and under the threat of being barred from my place of work, she finally came forth with the cigar.

It was the first Monte 4 I have smoked. I have read that its the best selling Cuban cigar by a country mile. I could see why. It has everything you would expect from a cigar but on a very mild format. I thought it was a nice cigar and a great change of pace from the cigars I would normally smoke.

Friday was upon me at this stage and it was the last night of work for three weeks. Hollywood was back after his weekend off and we made up for lost time. In short, making fools of ourselves. Our job is to keep the customers safe and if we can do that and entertain them at the same time, all is good.

Saturday came and it was off the Byrnes housewarming in Ashbourne (Notice I am omitting all football references - for my own sanity) I picked up four cigars in the Decent Cigar Emporium before heading out. I got 2 x Padron 6000 and 2 x Montecristo Petite Edmundo.

The housewarming was great. I was tired and sore (Football/Hungover) when I arrived but a few drinks later all was right with the world again.  One thing I will say about Mr.B. When your friends with him there will be no shortage of work. I found that out again when it was time to fire up the BBQ. He asked me to give him a hand and low and behold I somehow ended up cooking food for the masses as Dave sat and laughed at me, sometimes offering a little bit of encouragement.

I had the Padron 6000 while I was slaving away over the BBQ and I must say it was fantastic. I don't remember a lot about it apart from when I was smoking it I loved it. I will have to get another for review. A lot of my Stateside BOTL swear by Padron and they are not wrong. The 6000 I am told is an average Cigar in the Padron line. I cant wait to try the better ones

Whatever about not remember the Padron, there was no hope for the Monte Petite Edmundo I had a few hours later. I recall smoking it, I recall enjoying it, I recall wanting more. That is the great thing about the Petite Edmundo ( a personal favourite of mine) I know they are going to be great. You can smoke them at any time and not have to fuss over it. It looks great, burn is fantastic and the taste is splendid.

The Mrs and I stayed in the Brynes that night and I awoke the next morning with a very groggy head. I remember Mr.B saying he would cook breakfast and true to his style there was a breakfast roll waiting for me when I went down stairs. At least he drove to the shop I suppose!!

Not long after, the Mrs and I got the bus back into town. We reached the apt and didn't move for the rest of the day. We watched the closing ceremony of the Olympics and that was about it

So on to a new week and the countdown really begins. In typical male fashion I am getting the bits and pieces I need for the holiday together last minute. I went clothes shopping yesterday, not my idea of fun, and managed to get a few bits. I still need more items but I will get them tomorrow. Last minute indeed!!

I have not had a Cigar this week but I may put that to rights this evening. The Mrs is finished work in a few hours and the the holidays officially begins.

My next post will be when I return for Cuba. If you don't hear from me look out for me on the news. Hollywood is convinced I will start some sort of coup d'├ętat or revolution when I am over there.

Lets hope he is right!!!

AVO Classic Robusto

Montecristo No. 4

Padron 6000

Montecristo Petite Edmundo

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